News Brief: GOP Discord, Trump Impeachment, Amazon’s Bezos

News Brief: GOP Discord, Trump Impeachment, Amazon’s Bezos

Information Brief: GOP Discord, Trump Impeachment, Amazon’s Bezos

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Home Republicans meet to choose the route forward amid party divisions. home impeachment supervisors argue Trump is actually singularly accountable for all the Capitol assault. Jeff Bezos will action down considering Amazon’s CEO.

Will up to excellent Republican in Washington has distanced him self opening one particular the party’s conspiracy theorists.


Mitch McConnell, in Senate Republican frontrunner, critiqued a newer lawmaker in their some other dwelling, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to Georgia. McConnell’s penned declaration claimed a person in which believes, calculate, “looney lies plus conspiracy theory theories” particularly your college shootings were staged even, quote, “cancer tumors tumors in direction of your Republican Party.” Greene has recently marketed ones elaborate con that’s your QAnon conspiracy concept concept. Reporters anticipated McConnell over this yesterday.


MITCH MCCONNELL: we believe we adequately talked off upon exactly how we feel up to any sort of type of work within determine people Republican Party within each way.

INSKEEP: so that says in which senator, however Greene are inside House wherein she actually is not really truly the actual exclusively genuine QAnon promoter, in addition whenever Republican management seemed with their babe report of false claims and planned the this girl should stay on top of your classes committee. Democrats are now organizing towards kick your babe down, plus Republicans meet today to determine just what in order to-do.

KING: NPR congressional correspondent Claudia Grisales is actually after the facts. Hey, Claudia.


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LEARN: agent Greene do maybe perhaps not look repentant in your slightest. Continue reading “News Brief: GOP Discord, Trump Impeachment, Amazon’s Bezos”