Overseas Women’s Day 2021 Skout’s inspirational women

Overseas Women’s Day 2021 Skout’s inspirational women

This year’s Overseas Women’s Day theme is ‘Ch se to Challenge’ . IWD explains , ‘ We can all elect to challenge and call down gender bias and inequality. We can all ch se to seek out and commemorate women’s achievements. Collectively, we could all help create a comprehensive world. All ch se to challenge ’ from challenges comes change, so let’s.

With that in mind, we desired to share the stories and achievements of this females which have inspired us – because they’ve broken boundaries in their industry, are forcing change in a business or with a particular problem, or because they ’re inspiring the following generation of young girls and women .

Each person in the Skout team has nominated a lady that inspires them and told us why

Rob Skinner (MD) – His mum

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My mum inspires me personally. Outwardly, you’dn’t think about her as obviously tough, but I think she’s hugely resilient. She ended up being widowed in her 30s and brought my buddy and I up on her own from the young age. When I asked her exactly how she got through the difficult times, she simply said ‘ true grit ’ . Determination overcomes adversity. Oh, and she used to make a wicked butterscotch flan!

Claire Lamb (Dir) – Kate Bingham

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As an venture and ex-biochemist capitalist, Kate Bingham t k on the part as seat (unpaid) associated with the UK’s vaccination task force. Continue reading “Overseas Women’s Day 2021 Skout’s inspirational women”